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What is Summer Star about?

Join us on July 15th and discover how to fully show up in your life….take center stage and SHINE! Life is not a dress rehearsal…it matters what we choose to do now. Now is the time we are called to fully show up, share our gifts and SHINE!

This empowering live summit will showcases multiple experts all leaning into to help you take center stage and SHINE! 

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Summer Star Speakers:



Host, Empowerment Leader & Global Influencer

Rebecca Hall Gruyter is a Global Influencer, #1 International Bestselling and Award-Winning Author, Compiler, an in-demand Publisher, Popular Radio Show Host (on over 12 networks), and an Empowerment leader. She has built multiple platforms to help
experts reach more people. These platforms include: Radio, TV, books, magazines, the Speaker Talent Search, and Live Events…Creating a powerful promotional reach of over 10 million!

Rebecca is the CEO of RHG Media Productions and has personally contributed to 25+ published books, multiple magazines, and has been quoted in Major Media, The Huffington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and Thrive Global. She has been recognized as one of the top 10 working women in America by AWWIN, Inc.

Profile photo of Mary E. Knippel


Book Mentor, International speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Drawing on her 35-years of experience as a journalist, she has developed a knack for helping you get your expertise out of your head and onto the page.

Mary’s on a mission to help women’s voices to be heard and to empowers them to claim the story only they can tell. She is currently looking for authors for the collaboration book series “In Her Own Words.”

Book Mentor, International speaker and Workshop Facilitator, mentors women to craft their transformational stories into a book to grow their business and to leave a legacy of their life’s wisdom.

Visit her website at

Profile photo of Rev. Suzy Woo


Spiritual leader, Teacher and expert in consciousness energy

Suzy Woo is an inspirational spiritual leader, teacher and expert in consciousness energy.

She is a quantum mechanics specialist, understanding the multidimensional entanglement between past lives, today's thoughts and tomorrow's outcomes.

After escaping a 22 year violent marriage, Suzy dove deep to understand the 'why;' and came up identifying potential red flags using astrology charts.

She has a private practice in Ellicottville, New York; and works worldwide to correct mental, spiritual and physical imbalances for her clientele using consciousness, sound, crystals and channeling.

Profile photo of Dr. Sharon Arrindell


Counselor & Professor

Dr. Sharon Arrindell is a native of Jamaica West Indies. After many years in the fashion business, she pursued a career in counseling.


She is the President/CEO of “Inspired Wholeness Enterprise”, an ordained Pastor, Christian counselor, and an inspirational speaker who has spoken in the US, and the Caribbean, and on several virtual platforms. She is a private Christian counselor and has spent over fifteen years as a professor, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses.


Dr. Sharon authored Weapons for Victory, Christian Divorce Wars, 31 Days of Wholeness, Newbies in the Kingdom, The Shepherd’s Call, Embracing Our Queenly Anointing and an anthology, The Fiercely Unstoppable Entrepreneur, which became an international #1 bestseller.


She holds a Bachelors, a Masters in Counseling, a Doctorate in Christian Biblical Counseling, and a Doctorate in Education (EdD).


She is married to her dream guy, Keith and combined they have five children and nine grandchildren. Visit her at:

Profile photo of Rev. Dr. Norma Edwards


Founder/Director -
Reprogram Your Life

Reverend Dr. Norma Edwards is the Founder of Reprogram Your Life, LLC and author of the book "Awakening"

She is a change agent, a wisdom keeper on the planet and a certified NLP Life Coach.
Emerging from a Near Death Experience over fifty years ago she was led through a purpose driven life to become a recognized expert at merging spiritual principles into clinical practice.

Her work in prison re-entry and youth development has impacted the lives of hundreds of people here in America.

Profile photo of Moneeka Sawyer, Blissful Millionaire


Blissful Millionaire

Moneeka Sawyer is the blissful millionaire. She reached her financial freedom by turning $10,000 to over $5,000,000 working only 5-10 hours per MONTH with very little stress.

She is now on a mission to help as many other women as she can to do the same.

Moneeka is the international best-selling author of the award-winning book “Choose Bliss: The Power and Practice of Joy and Contentment” and hosts the top rated podcast and nationally syndicated radio show Real Estate Investing for Women on which she has interviewed prestigious guests such as Leeza Gibbons, Dr. Joe Vitale, and Mark Victor Hansen.  Moneeka has also been featured on stages with Suzanne Sommers, Martha Stewart, and Ice T & Coco at places like the Nasdaq Marketplace, Harvard, and Carnegie Hall, and on TV on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox reaching over 150 million people.

Connect with Moneeka at

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